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Introducing Limerick singer – Mizdrea

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Limerick lass Sandra Drea ‘Mizdrea’ is no stranger to the Music business. Brother’s Damien and Karol are widely known and respected in various music circles through their involvement with bands Vesta Varro, Drea and Parliament Square along with their own solo endeavours. While her brothers are rooted in the Indie scene Mizdrea is taking a different route with her ethereal sound, strong soft vocals and mesmerising beats.

Adopted Limerick man Andy Mooney collaborates with Mizdrea playing bass guitar on live arrangements and wrote the debut Single “The Reason”. Released on iTunes last July, the single marks an exciting beginning for this Galbally native with her dreamy vocals blended with a fresh electronica sound. Largely influenced by the London modern scene “The Reason” sees Mizdrea come into her own.  The music business is a fickle one and harder and harder to break these days but this doesn’t put her off. With gutsy determination and ambition the singer would gig seven nights a week.

“Andy wrote the song about me and my belief in him as a musician and song writer as he was about to chuck it all in before he met me and with us working together he began to believe in himself again.” Comparisons have been drawn to La Roux, Stevie Nicks and even Christina and the Queens although Sandra would struggle to accept that kind of comparison, as she is a huge fan of music’s darling of the moment French women Christina Letissier.

“I love Christina and the Queens and London Grammar and that whole retro modern sound of base and drums, as opposed to drum and bass”, she quickly points out! “I really like Rudimental because all their songs are different and they have used different artists to go with the sound of each song. There is no guitar just a base guitar on our studio songs, Andy does play but this is tracked into the songs when we play live”.

mizdrea-2-jpgMizdrea plays the Kasbah at Dolan’s on Wednesday 28th December. “I want the live shows to be led by a bass guitar instead of electric guitar and the piano to compliment the bass live”. Her sound reflects her own taste in music and what she listens to on spotify playlists.

“I love Queen, John Deacon the quiet man of the band had an amazing talent, responsible for those brilliant base riffs on Another One Bites The Dust. I love Oasis I couldn’t escape them in my house having two brothers but I was always more of a Blur head. As I got older I got into dance music, lately I like all that modern drum loop music where a vocal is just being added and really love the organic process of being able to make music in your bedroom”.

Mizdrea also cites fellow Limerick Musicians The Cranberries as being a big influence. “ I grew up listening to the Cranberries and respect them so much for all they have achieved.  They did a cover of In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley and listening to it still gives me Goosebumps.  I found a part of my voice that I didn’t know I had by singing Cranberries songs”, she adds referring to Dolores O’Riordan’s yodelling.

“My Mother has been singing for as long as I can remember, she was in the show bands and always encouraged me to sing but didn’t push it either. She sings a lot of country songs that I really shouldn’t know but I do!” Parents Jim and Kim, collectively known as Kim’s People, toured the US and the UK in the seventies and eighties with their four offspring so music really does run through her veins. “I was up on stage singing from the age of six and loading gear into a van,” she fondly recalls.

“Damien has a fantastic musical mind and is a great support to me and a guide to arrangement and production.  I really value his input and Karol is my session drummer. I am hoping to spend a large part of 2017 touring and really looking forward to getting out there and playing the new songs”.

Mizdrea play the Kasbah, Limerick on December 28th showcasing 10 new songs from the Debut album due for release in 2017. The single The Reason is now available on iTunes.



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