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The Limerick experience is what made me stay

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Josh Molloy is 22
years of age. A native of Dublin, his family moved to Kildare when he
was nine. When Josh finished school he took time to look at a number
of universities around the country. It was then he discovered the
University of Limerick. Here he speaks to me about his Limerick experience to date.
“I had never
visited Limerick before”, Josh tells me. “Of course I had prior
perceptions of the city before coming here. I wouldn’t be alone in
saying that my perception of the city was misguided and probably
informed by those who didn’t really know what they were talking
Josh Molloy at Dell’s Limerick base
Josh secured a place
at UL studying electronic and computer engineering. He says that
from the moment he arrived in Limerick he discovered a place that was
friendly, welcoming and fun.
“The people of
Limerick made me feel at home. I immediately fell in love with the
place”, Josh says. “The campus at UL was a real selling point for
me. I also took time to get a feel for Limerick city and instantly
knew it was the place for me”.
Josh found himself
living just off campus in the Castletroy area. Like any new arrival
to a strange place he had his fears, doubts and a sense of isolation.
This didn’t last long, however. He ended up living with local
Limerick-people who showed him the ropes and introduced him to
Limerick life.
“My experience in
the University of Limerick was fantastic”, he says. “Everybody –
lecturers, staff and my fellow students- had an open, warm and
helpful approach. I think these facts are backed up in the knowledge
that the University of Limerick has a track record of having the best
hiring rate for graduates in Ireland”.
The quality of the UL campus were a major attaction for Josh when making a college decision
Josh’s experiences
at college in Limerick were enough to make him want to stay. “In a
sense Limerick had become home”, he says.
“My friends are
here. I felt I had grown to know the city. Limerick has everything I
need as a young professional. It has all the shops I need, good
infrastructure and transport services. It has an international
airport 20 minutes out the road. I can be in Dublin, Cork or Galway
in less than 2 hours. If I need to get away from the urban
environment I can quickly be in magical places like Kilalloe,
Ballyhoura, Curraghchase or Lahinch.
Josh notes the sense
of confidence amongst our younger population. “Students like me
didn’t feel that we were destined to have to move away upon
graduation”, he says.
“In fact on the
very first day of my course at UL we were told by a senior lecturer
that there would be two jobs for every person in the lecture room
upon graduation. This energised us and confirmed that the road we
were taken was going to be a fruitful one”.
66% of Josh’s classmates have secured employment just a few months after graduating
One third of Josh’s
class secured jobs upon graduation and another third have
successfully found employment within just a few months of completing
the course. Josh was one of those graduates. He was hired by Dell in
Limerick within weeks of graduating from UL.
“I graduated in
May of this year and am currently in my seventh week working here at
Dell”, Josh says. “My experience of Dell to date has been
amazing. The company is really going places at the moment and I can
see lots of new staff being hired along with me. You can feel a
confident, positive energy here. The welcome I received was super. I
was quickly made feel part of the Dell community. There was never a
sense of being the ‘newbie’”.
Josh lives in an
apartment in Limerick city centre and notes how easy it has been to
get to know people so quickly.
“The city life in
Limerick is not what you would imagine. It really does have a sense
of a big friendly town, one in which you feel safe and know you will
find friends easily”.
Josh also notes the
sense of community in Limerick as something he has not experienced
anywhere else.
“Shop assistants
and bus drivers recognise you and they talk to you. It really is an
approachable place where you feel a part of the general community.
Life is easy in Limerick”, he says.
“I have had
experience of living in Dublin during my work placements and I found
the life there to be totally different from my Limerick experience”,
Josh notes. “There are simple things you encounter in Limerick that
make a difference. The city has a sense of homeliness. The people are
Josh’s experience
of Dell so far is almost a reflection of his Limerick experience to
Dell – “A company that are really going places at the moment” – Josh Molloy
“We recently had a
bubble soccer tournament as a team building exercise. It was
something that allowed me to get stuck into the social aspect of the
company very quickly. The people at Dell work hard but this working
ethos is reflected in the great social aspect that is rewarded”, he
So what is about
Limerick that Josh likes most?
“The fact that
Limerick people speak so proudly of where they are from. They really
enjoy showing you about and introducing you to new spots”.
“I am content to
be living and working in Limerick. My transition from college life to
working life has been so smooth. I feel at ease with myself. I would
give great credit to the people of Limerick, to my workmates and
friends for giving me the real Limerick experience.
If I was speaking to
anyone who was considering moving to Limerick for work I would say
one thing – “Do it!”

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