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Tapping into young Limerick creativity can help market our city and county

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Last week a new video showcasing just some of what Limerick has to offer was launched. The video, entitled 48 Hours in Limerick, was commissioned by Limerick Marketing and produced by local company Piquant Media.
In just over a week video has been viewed over 70,000 times across various social media channels and is now being used by businesses across the city and county as a marketing tool. It was refreshing to see the overwhelming support for the finished product. The response from stakeholders and the public suggests that marketing tools such as last week’s video are the type of thing we need to continue to develop going forward.
Many people have asked me why certain parts of Limerick or certain activities were not included. My response has been that this is the first of a series of such productions that we hope to develop all of which will be aimed at different markets. Failte Ireland has specific tourist demographic categories all of whom are looking for something specific when they make decisions about where they will stay.
Productions such as ‘48 Hours in Limerick’ do not have to be just about tourism however. There is a huge opportunity for us to capture investment opportunities, culture, sport, business, community and youth in a similar way.
Much of the local feedback to the video referred to how little Limerick people know about what is actually on their doorstep. The theme of the video was Limerick: Rewarding Your Curiosity. Of course we want those who have never visited our city and county to challenge their perceptions and commit to spending time here. Yet, equally, an element of our own citizen engagement is vital. How can we sell our region to others if we are not fully aware of what is under our noses?
I believe the quality of the finished video was of a standard that enticed bloggers, tourism channels and media entities to share and sell it on our behalf. This is a great learning curve.
Across our city and county we have young, creative and energetic businesses working in the field of design, production, digital media and so forth. By giving these indigenous companies an opportunity to put their mark on how they believe are region should be portrayed we allow ourselves a great platform from which to make a national and international impact.
Let us hope that 48 Hours in Limerick was not simply a flash in the pan and that we can continue to create innovative, quality marketing materials that capture Limerick and its people in a dynamic, fresh new light. 

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One Comment

  1. Sharon

    9th October 2015 at 3:19 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with people exploring their own neighbourhood. I am always surprised at how many local people have never been in the Castle, St Mary's Cathedral, or any of our many museums and galleries but yet when they go to other cities these are the kinds of places they visit straight away. Luckily the likes of Culture Night and OpenHouse are encouraging people to explore more, but we still have a long way to go.


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