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Treaty City Brewing – Limerick’s first brewing company up and running

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LIMERICK’S very first brewing company, Treaty City Brewing, has installed their
first tap in the well known watering hole that is the Blind Pig, Thomas Street. Emma O’Brien has spoken to those involved.
Treaty City
Brewing, a family run business fronted by the craftsman Stephen Cunneen and
supported by his wife Treasa and his father Tony, released their first beer,
Harris Pale Ale just before Christmas and now they can boast that their finely
crafted beer is available on tap.
Launch of Harris Pale Ale at the Blind Pig. Photo: Ken Coleman
The Blind Pig,
purveyors of fine craft beers, welcome the new addition to their already
extensive array of beers. Publican Niall Dempsey feels its important to support
local businesses and is ‘excited’ to see what Stephen’s next beer will be.
With their
heritage deeply rooted in Limerick City, the Cunneen’s are set to put Limerick on the brewing map and endeavour to keep their
business pure, Limerick based and the furthest thing from mass produced. They
are only interested in producing the best quality product that they possibly
can, sourcing as much produce locally and in turn supporting other local
“Treaty City Brewing has been a long
time in the making. The original idea formed on a balcony 8,000 miles across
the ocean, 5 years ago, after what was probably a couple too many craft beers”, said Stephen.
Both Stephen and
Treasa are very passionate about craft beer and the exposure to world class
local beers in Canada fueled
their passion to create
their own.
“We had been witness to, and indulged
in the fabulous local craft beers in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Canada,
and we wondered why, in a country with such a heritage steeped in crafts, and
an abundance of the highest quality ingredients in the world (namely barley and
water), there were so few representations for craft beer.
“There is a market growth for craft
beer which is 40% year on year. Macro brewed beer still represents
approximately 99% of the segment, but people are looking for a more superior
product which is why craft beer is experiencing such a huge growth.”
The importance
of their Limerick roots is something that they are very proud of.
Stephen said: “Our Limerick heritage is at the heart of our brand. It is
emphasised  everywhere, from our brand
name to Sarsfield Bridge being on our logo.We are very proud of our county, and
the strides it has made in the last ten years, in particular the community that
has built up around the city of culture. This culture has always been alive in
Limerick, but the year of the city of culture has brought it to the forefront.”
Limerick has
been the centre of some negative media campaigns in the past and recent times,
but Stephen and Treasa believe that the people of Limerick have taken strident
measures to change that perception of Limerick into a positive one.
“Limerick people have been striving
to change the perception of Limerick in the media over the past few years. At
Treaty City when we look at Limerick we see huge potential and massive
opportunity for growth. Even within the media, over the past couple of years,
the perception of Limerick has become more positive. Also, from our time in
Canada and America, we know that the perception of Limerick abroad is one of
deep heritage, history and culture.
“There is a huge amount to offer in
Limerick and we are happy that that is what the Irish Media is now starting to
focus on. We are on the up and up.”
So, what’s in store for Treaty City Brewing?
“It’s been a whirlwind for us here in Treaty – a good one mind you”, said Stephen. “In the short term our focus is to
get Harris Pale Ale available across the country. Coming soon we will have a
delicious traditional Irish Red Ale, and before the end of 2015 you can look
forward to tasting our traditional Irish Porter.

“We have been overwhelmed so far with
the support we have received from the local publications. From our launch in
Nancy’s and Tom Collins’s to our first taps in The Blind Pig. We want to thank
everyone for the support and looking forward to a great 2015.”

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