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Limerick’s bid for European Capital of Culture – we all can play our part

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can be no doubt that the Limerick City of Culture project in 2014 was a success,
beneficial to the city and, most importantly, created a legacy for the city and
county for the years to come. How we harness the energy developed last year
into something effective and sustainable is now up for debate.
A large group representing Limerick’s multidisciplinary cultural community attended meeting
bidding process for the European Capital of Culture project in 2020 is now well
underway. A public meeting was held today which sought input from individuals, organisations and communities who wish to build
on last year’s legacy.
Mike Fitzpatrick spoke of harnessing lessons learned from 2014 to strengthen our 2020 bid
the meeting information relating to the social and economic impact on our
region as a result of City of Culture was released. The meeting also discussed the plans for Limerick’s European Capital of Culture bid and will allow
all interested parties to consider how they can play their part in the bidding
attended a meeting last week which saw approximately 60 representatives from
Limerick’s business and cultural sectors gather to start legacy discussions. It
was great to see such a positive agenda in the room. There was a palpable sense
that we must continue to build on all we achieved last through open,
transparent and intelligent dialogue.
all have an opportunity to have our say when debating issues around Limerick
and its cultural future, particularly as we prepare for our next bid. The most important
aspect we can take from last year was the fact that so many individuals from all
walks of life – cultural, sporting, community, hospitality, business and local
government – all worked together to ensure 2014 was a success.
is no doubt that some mistakes were made. Acknowledging this fact is important.
However there is nothing to be gained from dwelling on the past. As a city we
proved our can-do mentality and we are now in a very strong position to
continue this positive momentum.
cultural vibrancy of our city will benefit each and every stakeholder with an
interest in Limerick life. We must continue to work together over the coming
months and years. We must engage in intelligent and respectful debate in order
to reap future rewards.
City of Culture team were instrumental in bringing 2014 to a successful conclusion.
Along the many volunteers, Gardai, corporate sponsors, business communities, local
authority and patrons of the many events, a huge team played an important role in
facilitating our privileged position as National City of Culture.

we are to be successful this year as a respected cultural destination we must
respect and engage with all of those who play their part in the day to day life
of our city and county. Only by working together can we ensure our bid for 2020
is attractive to those who make the final decision. 

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