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Limerick Craft Hub on Cecil St is a very welcome addition to city centre

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A number of years ago I was involved in the organisation of a Christmas artisan fair on Bedford Row in Limerick. This project was a challenge not just from a logistics point of view but simply for the fact that I did not know where to start when sourcing quality craftspeople from Limerick and the surrounding area. It didn’t take me long to discover the thriving craft industry that Limerick boasts.
As part of the Limerick City of Culture project a craft pillar was established to bring together the many talented craftspeople with a view to developing a hub where product can be showcased and connections can be made. This new hub, based on Cecil St in Limerick opens this evening and is a very welcome addition to the retail scene in Limerick. 
Not only does this space allow local craft and design to be made more accessible to the general public it also has great potential to act as a key tourism destination, a space where we can showcase our craft ability to the increasing tourism footfall we are seeing in Limerick.

The new hub which is run by Limerick Craft Collective is the
newest and largest craft venue in the city, offering a contemporary craft shop,
gallery, classroom and open studios with the opportunity for people of all ages
to engage with craft.

Gathering a diverse
range of excellent quality craftsmanship in homewares, clothing, jewellery,
wall art, sculpture, books and cards, toys and local food, the Limerick Craft
Hub supports over 30 local craft businesses in textiles, ceramic, wood, paper,
food, candles, ironwork & jewellery making.
Bookings are now being
taken for Jewellery Making & Ceramics for both Adult and Children, with
Silk Painting and Chicken Scratch Embroidery for Adults to name but a few.
Kid’s Holiday Camps and Special Occasion Workshops will also feature in the
ongoing educational aspect the Limerick Craft Hub offers.
The Limerick Craft Hub
will be officially launched by Mike Fitzpatrick, Director, City of Culture this evening at 7:30pm, in the Hub building at 9,
Lower Cecil Street, Limerick.
The craft hub deserves support. It has the potential to grow into something unique and important for Limerick and I wish them all the best with the initiative. 

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