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Limerick sommelier secures position at world’s best restaurant

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It is always sad to see great young talent leaving Limerick
but when someone is given the opportunity to work in the best restaurant in the
world we can only celebrate their success.
This is exactly what has happened to Juan Wisniewski
who has been chosen out of hundreds of applicants for a position at Noma in
Copenhagen, officially the best restaurant in the world. Juan has been based
for 4 years at No.1 Pery Square most recently working as restaurant manager and
sommelier at the popular Brasserie One restaurant.
Juan (on left) pictured with some of his Brasserie One colleagues
Born in Poland but educated in Spain, Juan trained in hotel
management in Tenerife. On his final college placement he found himself working
in Westport where he met a Mayo girl who was studying in UL. Following his
heart he was hired by One Pery Square as a waiter in 2010.
“It was always an ambition of mine to work in one of the
world’s best restaurants”, Juan says.  “I successfully applied to trial
with Gordon Ramsey in London and was offered a job there. I then saw on Twitter
that Noma was also looking to hire a staff member and I decided to take a risk
and turn the Gordon Ramsey offer down. I really believe in the Noma food
philosophy and felt the opportunity was worth pursuing”.
Roberts, owner of One Pery Square fondly remembers a shy waiter walking through
the doors of the hotel 4 years ago. “It did not take long for his passion for
great food, wine and service to shine through”, she says.
coached Juan to help bring that great passion to the team here at No 1 and to
support our main mission to deliver great food and real caring service to our
customers. Within a year we promoted Juan to a supervisory position to help
Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen – officially the world’s best restaurant
notes that his experience working at No.1 Pery Square is the prime reason for
his being hired by the world’s best restaurant.  “My experience
working for One Pery Hotel was truly wonderful. Patricia and her team,
particularly Alan Burns who was the head chef originally, pushed me to my
limits and ensured I developed as a professional with a deep understanding of
all aspects of the restaurant business”, he says.
Juan believes the Noma philosophy can be brought back to
Ireland in time. “Noma really focuses on the quality of the product. The range
of indigenous product we have in Ireland is incredible and I really believe we
can develop our reputation as a food nation with a serious offer”, he says.

Patricia Roberts is understandably delighted at Juan’s
success. “He
travelled to Copenhagen at his own expense and gave up his services for one
week, he is deserving of the offer . I feel Juan being part of our team has
helped him take the next step. We will make sure to keep contact and hopefully
Juan will bring his experience back to Ireland and maybe Limerick someday”.

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