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Snapshots of Limerick captured with pride

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I tweet. In fact I tweet too much. I tweet so much that
my phone makes little tweet noises before the birds start tweeting in the
For those of you who are not into the tweeting lark, let me explain.
Twitter is a social media tool that allows you to post short, sharp messages
seen by other twits who follow you. You in turn see tweets from other twits you
What blew my mind about Twitter as a social media tool
was the instantaneous awareness you can create about any topic and for me it
has always been my home town.  I have
noticed something about how Limerick people are using this tool. A picture
paints a thousand words and in Limerick’s case social media users are resorting
to the use of imagery.
Make a Move moment captured by Darren Ryan
Citizens are exploring the new found pride we have in our
city and expressing this through the medium of photography. Digital media has allowed
these practitioners online portals where they can share their images together creating
a daily snapshot of our city thereby changing our image in full view of a very
wide audience.
Darren Ryan is a local photographer who saw this trend
and decided to act. He established a Facebook page called  Limerick Street Photography  and invited anyone who photographs our city to share their imagery and
promote this vibrant, positive Limerick energy to a wide audience.
“This is our city”, Ryan says. “What all the local
photographers are doing at the moment is showing where we live and why we love
where we live, warts and all”.
Photo by Lukasz Lenckowki as featured on Limerick Street Photography Facebook page
Ryan believes the power of photography has the potential
to continue to change how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us, one
photo at a time.
“Photography has massive potential to change perceptions –
positive imagery gives positive results”, he notes. “At the moment you get a
sense that photographers in the city are competing with each other in a
friendly shoot-out to capture the most stunning image of our city and its many
walks of life”.
Frog Day afternoon by Lette Moloney
This is an important shift in mindset from years gone by
and its power cannot be underestimated. There is no limit to what can be achieved.
We want the images we capture of our city to go viral not just to gain photographic
kudos but to give the city we love the best possible publicity locally,
nationally and internationally.
 “City of Culture
has been a catalyst but it will not end there”, he says. “People now see photography
as an exciting way of capturing our city at its best. This momentum will
continue for years after the City of Culture project reaches its completion”.

Arthur’s Quay by Mario Beck
For Ryan getting to meet other photographers, knowing
their names and understanding their work has been key. The change the city has
seen in recent months has been palpable – there is dynamism in the air that you
can almost taste. 
If we continue to build on the contacts made, friendships
forged and the new-found pride in our city we have a real potential to change our
city’s image forever. 
The Milk Market by Janusz Biarda

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