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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

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Whether we realise it or not we all develop harmful breathing and
postural habits over the course of a lifetime of bad practice. Next month
Limerick will host a summer school that really could change the lives of those
who attend.
A number of years ago I was introduced to the Alexander Technique, a
mindfulness practice which integrates the mind and body allowing people to live
their lives with greater ease. The discipline was developed by FM Alexander an
actor who lost his voice and had to devise his own solution after doctors could
not identify to source of the problem.
In the process Alexander developed a reputation as the ‘breathing man’
leading to him coaching world-renowned vocal coach Lionel Logue the man
responsible for helping King George VI and featured in the Oscar winning movie
The King’s Speech. His technique is now used by all of the leading performance
arts academies from Julliard in New York, RADA and the Royal Ballet.
In August 2015 over 600 teachers of Alexander Technique will arrive in
Limerick to take part in the World Congress of Alexander Technique.
Representatives from around the world will be in Limerick taking part in the
congress which was established in New York in 1968 by Michael Fredericks.
Limerick’s Niall Kelly has been practising the art of Alexander
Technique since 2001 and is one of only 28 qualified teachers in Ireland. After
experiencing back trouble following a rugby accident he attended a workshop in
the University of Limerick which opened his eyes to this relatively new
practice in Ireland.
“I discovered how to address my physical discomfort but also learned something
much deeper about myself. I had a dreadful fear of public speaking”, he says. “Practising
Alexander Technique has not only addressed that fear but has allowed me to
progress to a point where I regularly speak publicly promoting the practice
wherever I can”.
Kelly describes Alexander Technique as “a hands-on model that can
educate, change damaging habits and guide the student in methods that will help
them chill out”.
Alexander Technique is not a medical practice or a therapy. It is a
learning tool that aids how you respond and react to challenging forces and
situations helping you to discover a more appropriate way to cope.
So what can those attending the Alexander Summer School expect? “Expect
to have fun – pure and simple. There is no right or wrong way”, Niall Kelly
“Anyone who experiences any sense of reluctance or difficulty in either
areas of performance or in their daily working lives due to tension will find
this course helpful”. The summer school will provide tutors with no more than
10 students per tutor therefore allowing significant 1 to 1 time and
opportunity to be introduced to a technique that will have life changing

The Alexander Summer School takes places at the University of Limerick
from 13th to the 18th July. To attend or for further
information log on to www.alexandersummerschool.com
or email niall@lanekelly.com 

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