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Limerick – How teamwork can make a difference

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very special happened in Limerick last weekend. Across the city teams
of different people came together to create a June Bank Holiday
atmosphere to rival
any great city.
was proud to be part of the team who created the Culture & Chips
carnival in Arthur’s Quay Park. Over 13,000 people came to enjoy the
magnificent Spiegeltent
and all that went with it.
made a conscious decision to focus this new Limerick festival right in
the heart of the city and this decision was worth every penny. As a city
we have tended
to forget the existence of Arthur’s Quay Park. Over the course of one
weekend this changed. The crowds were happy, people sat on bales of hay
taking in the carnival atmosphere reminiscent of an Electric Picnic
The Spiegeltent captured people’s hearts.
of children drummed rhythmically to their hearts content. Jerry Fish
and Jack L wowed. A locally produced cabaret dazzled.
Salon du Chat got folks talking.
A magnificent banquet showed Limerick as a foodie destination with
clout. We crowned the world’s first chip champion and Limerick’s own
Brad Pitt Light Orchestra closed the show in style.
on Thomas St and Catherine St Deirdre Martin and her team of Tomcats
added stunning colour, joy and animation. These guys created the Tomcat
Street Festival
to showcase their part of town. They came up trumps this year. Oversize
pieces of furniture, flashmobs, impromptu tango sessions, street
entertainers, choirs and garden parties – all done by a small team of
energised citizens who love their city. They did
us proud.
Irish Chamber Orchestra came to town with a sumptuous production of
Carmen at the Milk Market. The production sold out over the two night
run and once again
showcased our Milk Market as a very worthy production venue. The
Limerick Sings festival performance in the splendid setting of St Mary’s
Cathedral was also a sell-out.
last weekend showed was that so many people love this city; so many
people want to visit this city and so many people are willing to work
together to create
something different, something special. Last weekend we all showed
Limerick to be a place that doesn’t go to sleep on the June Bank Holiday
weekend. The city was alive. It was busy. It was safe and it was
credit must be given to Limerick City and County Council for the help
and support they gave everybody who worked on the various events last
weekend. The local
authority facilitated us as citizens to create something new. The
trusted we would get it right. They made it easy. The legacy from all
the activity last weekend is that we have now raised the bar when it
comes to how we showcase Limerick on the June Bank

I was a proud Limerickman last weekend and something tells me I was not the only one.

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