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Pickpockets with excellent taste

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I don’t if anybody feels the same way but I find it very hard to accept losing anything belonging to me. No matter how valuable the item I simply can’t stand loss.

I have been meaning to read Zadie Smith’s books for a long time. After only recently discovering the wonder of Amazon.co.uk I was delighted to find three of her books for only 99p each. So, for a tenner I got most of her stuff delivered to my door. Something in the back of my head said that her writing would be somewhat female orientated. It was a friend who insisted I get reading her.

I started last week with ‘On Beauty’ and I am really enjoying it. No, forgive me, I must rephrase that. I WAS enjoying it until some thieving git stuck their hand into my bag on the Victoria line and helped themselves to my book!! A thief with good taste methinks.

If anyone sees someone reading ‘On Beauty’ by Zadie Smith on either the Piccadilly or Victoria lines please examine the front cover for a dark coffee stain (it was only 99p after all) and ask them what happens in chapter 6.

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